Photography by Zip
Zip creates what others can only attempt to copy.


Zip gets back to his roots. Wildlife photography in the Finger Lakes region of New York.


Coming soon to Wild66.com is Tammi's homemade delicious maple syrup. You will soon

be able to purchase Finger Lakes maple products made from Zip & Tammi's maple forest.

Zip & Tammi's property is surrounded by the Sugar Hill state forest and they don't call it sugar hill for nothing. The maple syrup that comes from Sugar Hill is unbelievably delicious.

Something new from Zip, trail camera videos. Rare Black Coyote.

Click to see a hawk attack itself.
Click to see a Black Bear on deck.
Click to see a Sugar Hill NY Fisher Cat.
More videos coming soon with some never before seen wildly crazy content.

Chickie and the Rose photo slide show below.

The Other Stuff

bonzai 2010 94.1 the zone

Romeo & Juliet

All of Zip's wildlife photography is 100% wild 100% of the time! Canned photography sucks! Respect all creatures and the environment in which we all live.
Go Cuse - We Bleed Orange!!
The Hot List

Uncle Derb Zip's Favorite Race Fan
                      The New Smoking Hot List

The Lady & The Little Red Stud
See a Finger Lakes female Northern Cardinal display behavior like never captured before. preview



Chickie and the Rose
  • Chichie and the rose.
  • Chichie and the rose.
  • Chichie and the rose.
  • Chichie and the rose.
  • Chichie and the rose.
  • Chichie and the rose.

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